Curse of the Deathless

Deathless #2



28th Lamashan, 4710. The Village of Dharnic in eastern Virlych, Ustalav:


After exploring the upper levels of Zakolov’s tower and precuring information about the town of Vorsenir and a name – “Kublitsky” – the group decided to search the remainder of the missing wizard’s abode.

In the basement surrounded by ice creatures, the group discover the slumbering body of Alexandria Zakolov, presumed to be the wizards wife. Upon waking her, they discover that Alexandria is in fact Zakolov’s daughter, and that she is suffering from a unique wasting disease. A disease which her father, lacking a way to cure it, had put her into a timeless sleep until he was able to discover a cure.
The group learn that Alexandria was enchanted over 900 years ago, in the year 3800. Shocked and concerned to find she was in Ustalav (as when the was put to sleep The Whispering Tyrant was still scourging those lands), Alexandria seems concerned that her father is missing and asks the group to assist her in finding him. This latest revelation also begs the question how Ahrmin Zakolov has managed to stay alive for neigh on 1,000 years..



The group head out east toward Vorsenir and about an hour after crossing into the Amaans they see thee lights of a travelling caravan. Though the Deathless among them have no need for rest, the group speak with what turns out to be a travelling Varisian caravan so that Errish and Alexandria might gather their strength.
Trading with them, the group also discover that the leader of this mysterious group is an Oracle who goes by the name of Belekar. Old, wise and an insufferable curmudgeon, Belekar seems to be an old friend of Zakolov and is aware of the group’s ‘condition’. Though he does not reveal this openly, he shares with Rastomir a vision:

The vision is of another world, outside of space and time. A series of islands among nothingness. Upon one such island is the Wizard Zakalov, leaning over the dead body of Rosalee Romavitch, cut down by the same spectral riders who had ended the village of Dharnic. Floating in the air above them is a massive crystal, dark as midnight buy specked with tiny green dots of light that shift across its surface like so many shooting stars. Eighty-feet tall and thirty feet across at its widest point, it hang motionless like a giant stalactite.
Suddenly black writing tentacles escape the crystal, not made of solid matter but menacing shadow, and they piece the wizard through his limbs, impaling him to the floor. He screams, but no sound can be heard as the shadowy tendril pulse with energy.
Retracting almost as quickly and violently as they erupted, the tendrils retreat into the crystal which seems dormant once more.
Zakolov slumps forward, barely breathing.
From beyond his form Rosalee can be seen to sit up, and look around her. All her wounds seem healed as if they never were.
Then, suddenly, she looks directly toward the viewer of the vision and the vision abruptly ends.

Rastomir shares this information with the group, who – especially spurred on my Gregor – seem even more determined to find Zakolov. Though their only lead is the name Kublitsky in the town of Vorsenir, the Oracle Belekar warns them (Once Errish has taken Alexandria out of earshot) that Zakalov may not be the way they remember him, and that they should exercise extreme caution.

The group say their goodbyes and head on to Vorsenir, being as it is some many miles before they arrive.


The group arrive at the town of Vorsenir, a start contrast to their sleepy little village: cobblestone streets are kept clean and chimney-pots spew black smoke into the air dotting the skyline of the walled-in town.
The guards give the group directions to the nearest tavern – Mac’s Acrobat – but it is only Gregor, Vlad, Rastomir and Alexandria who head in that direction: Ursk decides to find somewhere less….. ordered to find food, Victor heads out to sell some plundered belongings and Errish gives his thanks and parts ways with the group, hoping to find employment within the town.

Mac’s Acrobat is a frequent haunt of a local famous Bard by the name of Taff Rowe, whom the group gain audience with. Speaking to him about the name Kublistky, Rowe informs them that their are two people in the town with that surname: Yuri Kublitsky, an investigator and Dimitri Kublitsky, a baker.
Presuming it to be the former, Rowe explains that Yuri was last seen heading into “The Undercut”, a set of ruins underneath the town that serves as the black market in the local area and the stomping grounds of the Thieves’ Guild known as the Blacknecks.


Hiring a guide from Rowe, the group meet up again after conducting their business and head to an abandoned home found behind “The Incandescent Pig”, a tavern in the more expensive northern part of town. It is there that the guide shows them an entrance to The Undercut, one of many dotted around the town.

Venturing down a staircase into the gas-lit underbelly of the town, the group soon find a ramshackle pub before the start of the The Undercut proper, where a local ‘barman’ instructs them in some knowledge on how to survive the dangers that The Undercut represents. He recommends that Alexandria remain ‘topside’ but she declines, confident in the groups’ ability to keep her safe from harm…


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