Curse of the Deathless

Deathless #4


30th Lamashan, 4710. The Town of Vorsenir, Western Amaans Ustalav:

In the wake of the Blue Herald’s defeat, the group and Yuri Kublistky return to the town of Vorsenir with Lissa West (the Mayors’ daughter) and try to devise a way to find out the fate of Rastomir; the Warpriest of Urgotha and Wraith-Aspect Deathless after he plunged into the portal with the Blue Herald.

During the evening, while the group await Yuri’s return in the morning with information on Ahrmin Zakolov’s whereabouts, Rastomir washes up on the River Senir, having survived his encounter with the Dark Tapestry entity Tychilarius. Returning to the inn the group are shocked to see Rastomir “alive”, but he explains that the entity questioned him then threw him back to the Material Plane.

In the morning, true to his word Yuri meets the group and explains that he did see the wizard Zakolov a few days past and that he mentioned about heading to the City of Lepidstadt in northern Vieland, a place where he had once studied the magical arts. The Inquisitor also explains that the Wizard was out of sorts, and demanded back an Obsidian Pendant he had given to him for safe-keeping as a young boy. Kublitsky seems intrigued by the dark-heared woman travelling with them, and becomes even moreso when the group explain she is Zakalov’s daughter, Alexandria. It seems he had seen paintings of her but figured her long dead as the Wizard always spoke of her in the past tense. Yuri explains that one of the Mayor’s Carriages (along with a driver) remained outside the inn and would take them wherever they would go, courtesy of Mayor West for their help in the rescue of his daughter.

The group head out shortly after Yuri’s departure, heading North-west through Amaans toward the border of Canterwall and beyond.

On their largely uneventful journey across northern Amaars, the group come across a farmer asking for aid, but decide to travel on as while they do not need to sleep, Alexandria and Faeona required sleep after a full days travel by carriage, and the village of Weatherby was not too much further along the road.

Arriving in Weatherby the group find it to be a quaint and quiet village, consisting of little more than a Tavern, a small church dedicated to Pharasma and a selection of homes and farmsteads. While the women rest, Gregor and Vlad spend time in the Tavern. Ursk and Rastomir decide that they will go back and visit the farmer to see what the trouble was, and Victor chooses to follow them in secret.

A few miles back down the road Ursk and Rastomir arrive back at the farmstead and seek out the still quite distraught farmer. Speaking to him they discover that the man’s brother went missing a week ago and he claims it to be the work of a “beast” a little over a mile off the main road past his farm. He begs the characters to help and to find out the fate of his brother as he is too afraid to face the beast himself. After some convincing he leads the group to the mouth of the creature’s lair, but refuses to go any futher.

Ursk and Rastomir head confidently into the cave with Victor secretly with them, and find that the cave mouth leads deep into the earth, until eventually opening out into a wide cavern filled with all manner of treasures. Sitting atop the treasure is it’s guardian: a Black Dragon!
Ursk engages the creature in battle but it is rapidly apparent that even the mighty half-orc is no match for the venerable wyrm: even with Rastomir’s assistance (and unseen attacks from Victor) it is not long before the Dragon gets the upper hand and it looks as though Ursk’s fate may be sealed…

Back at Weatherby, the peace and quiet is broken by the panicked shrieks of villagers. Gregor and Vlad investigate to see an all-too familiar ill-omen: unnatural green mist rolls down from the surrounding hills, followed by the thunderous sound of hooves beating on earth and the luminous forms of the five Spectral Riders who massacres the group and the other residents of the village of Dharnic.

As the riders descend upon the village, killing hapless villagers with their barbed scythes, Gregor and Vlad manage to gather people in the Tavern and Gregor casts magical spells that allow Alexandria to get villagers to safety.

While Vlad shifts into his Vampiric Deathless form and morphs his body into mist, Gregor teleports himself outside of the Tavern just as one of the riders breaks through the doors on horseback, crushing a villager underfoot….


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