The Nightwalker

The First Deathless, advisor to Zakolov. Servant of The Starkiller Beast.


“The Nightwalker” is actually an ancient Elf from the world of Castrovel. Once named Gleneurdon Celetaellyn, he managed to destroy the first Eternecrux beacon that landed on his homeworld following the last visit to the solar system by the Starkiller Beast. When his homeworld was threatened, Gleneurdon gave his life in sacrifice to destroy the Eternecrux, but in-so-doing his spirit became fused with it and he became the first of The Deathless. This was the year -5293 when the Star Stone was pulled from the heavens by the Aboleth.

For the next 4,000 years Gleneurdon struggled to contain the power of the Eternecrux and though it extended his lifespan it also clawed away at his mind until, in -290, what was left of Gleneurdon was utterly enveloped by the secondary, alien personality of The Nightwalker.

Over the years The Nightwalker has tried to recall its master, the Starkiller Beast back to the solar system, but had little success. When the Human Aroden raised the Starstone in what would later be Absalom in 1 AR, The Nightwalker recognised it as part of the meteorite upon which its master travelled, also was the Eternecrux was made up of. Biding his time, the Night walker accessed the Starstone and through it discovered a number of dormant Eternecrux existed around Golarion. The least protected of these was in Ustalav, though it was still difficult for him to access. In fact, the Nightwalker had only just been able to locate and excavate it in 200 AR, and found he had no ways to activate it.

When The Nightwalker discovered that Aroden was due to walk Golarion again in 4606, it used nefarious magics to call five creatures from the Dark Tapestry to capture the God, that the Nightwalker might study him and discover if he knew a way to activate the Eternecrux. When Aroden failed to materialise to his followers in 4606, it was due to his kidnap by the 5 guardians and his entrapment beneath The Tree of Sorrow in Maidensnarl, Ustalav. Completely cut off from his followers spiritually, the God lost his connection to them utterly.

Unfortunately for The Nightwalker Aroden either did not know how to activate the Eternecrux, or failed to break under interrogation. Either way, the Nightwalker learned nothing from him, and was no closer to discovering how to activate it.

In a chance encounter with the Archmage Ahrmin Zakolov in 4710, he found a human both powerful and desperate enough to save him. Slowly influencing the wizards’ mind, The Nightwalker managed to convince him to use his own soul energy (of which the Nightwalker had none himself) to sacrifice to the Eternecrux, activating it. By the time Zakalov did so most of his mind was corrupted by The Nightwalker, and while he was able to activate the Eternecrux and start the signal for The Starkiller Beast to follow, he also managed to create nine more Deathless which the Wizard planned to use to destroy The Whispering Tyrant. When this failed to work when it became apparent the Deathless had their own will, Zakalov abandoned them on The Nightwalker’s behest to travel to Shadow Absalom where the Wizard could absorb more power through a ritual and then, under The Nightwalker’s guidance, sacrifice himself to the Eternecrux to fuel its power, and its signal.

When four of the remaining Deathless intervened and managed to stop Zakalov, The Nightwalker was forced to flee…

The Nightwalker

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