Aspect of the Bodak


The flesh of this emaciated creature appears charred or dried, and its empty eye sockets seep trails of smoke.

Aspect Form:

When a Deathless takes on their Bodak Aspect Form, they become tall and gaunt and their eyes vanish; replaced with smoking sockets. Distinguishable from other Bodaks due to the fact they look like gaunt versions of their original race (rather than just “humanoid”), and the smoke that rises from their eye-sockets is always an otherworldly green. While in this form the Deathless has Damage Resistance (see below) as well as access to special abilities (again, see below). When in this form the Bodak-Aspected Deathless gains a slam attack as well as natural weapon proficiency and the equivalent of Weapon Focus: Slam. Slam attack does 1d8+ strength modifier. They also gain the infamous Death Gaze of the Bodak (see below), and their Aspect Form causes Fear (as per the spell) to those who look upon it (this is an innate, constant passive effect).

Aspect Damage Resistance: DR 10 / Cold Iron

Aspect Ability:
Whenever you are in your Aspect Form you can use this ability:

Death Gaze (Su)
Once per day, when in their Aspect form the Bodak-Aspected Deathless can employ the dreaded Death Gaze the Bodak is so famous for. This gaze attack does 1d4 negative levels damage, and has a range of 30 feet. A Fortitude DC 18 negates. The save DC is Charisma-based. A humanoid slain by a Bodak’s death gaze rises as a Bodak 24 hours later. This is a death effect. Using this ability requires the spending of a Deathless point.

Great Curse: Like the undead creatures they are connected to, Bodak-Aspected Deathless loath the sun. Regardless of whether they are Mortal or Aspect form, these Deathless take 1d4 Damage per round when their skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Similarly, any spells that create sunlight or bright light count as being maximised against the Bodak-Aspect Deathless.

2nd Tier Physical Alteration: The Deathless character’s skin begins to lose its colour, taking on a greyish tinge that makes them look unwell in good lighting. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff and Diplomacy checks if seen in clear lighting. This alteration can be covered up by simple means such as the Disguise skill.

4thTier Physical Alteration: The skin of the Deathless character becomes taught across the bone, making them look emaciated. Though they could be passed off as having not eaten in some time, it is still quite disturbing. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Disguise skills, and this increases to -2 when in contact with people who know them. Though they might be able to pass it off as being “unwell”, it cannot be disguised by normal methods, only magical.

8th Tier Physical Alteration: The Deathless character becomes a couple of inches taller and his limbs lengthen slightly giving him an awkward, gaunt silhouette. They are quite obviously unnatural, and the colour of their eyes turns green – a very bright green. The character suffers a -2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, and Handle Animal skills.

Aspect Powers: At 1st tier and every tier thereafter, select one new aspect power from the Bodak-Aspect Powers list. Once you select a power, it can’t be changed. Unless otherwise noted, each power can be selected only once. Some abilities have requirements, such as a class ability or minimum Deathless tier, that you must meet before you select them.

1st Tier Bodak-Aspect Powers:
You can select these aspect abilities at any tier.

Powerful Slam (Ex)
A Deathless who selects this power has an especially powerful slam attack. Whenever they successfully slam an opponent they do an additional 5 damage on top of the 1d8Str roll. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Supernatural Dexterity (Su)
When the Deathless shifts into their Aspect form their Dexterity Score increases by +4. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate. This Power can be selected up to 2 times.

Resistant to Acid (Su)
The Deathless gains Acid Resistance 10 while in Aspect Form. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Magical Connection (Su)
The Deathless with this power has a subconscious connection with magic that allows them to recognise spells even if they are not spell-casters. Deathless with the Magical Connection power gain a +5 Bonus to Spellcraft rolls and the Spellcraft Skill becomes a class skill. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Resolve (Su)
The Deathless gets a +2 to bonus to Will saves against any abilities originating from Goodly-Aligned casters or spells that have the Good descriptor. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Dread Gaze (Su)
For the cost of a Deathless point, the Bodak-Aspect Deathless can force a person who saved against their Death Gaze to re-roll the save, though they must take the second result regardless. This is an immediate interrupt action and must be used immediately following a save; it is the only instance where a second Deathless Point can be spent in one action.

Precise Strength (Su)
The Bodak-Aspect Deathless who selects this power is able to strike with startling precision and tremendous force. They use their Dexterity Modifier instead of their Strength Modifier when determining melee damage. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Elongated Arms (Su)
The Deathless who takes this power has exceptionally long arms when in their Aspect Form. Roughly double the length of normal, it grants the Bodak-Aspect Deathless an extra +5ft reach. This includes their slam attack and any weapons held. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Resistant to Cold (Su)
The Deathless gains Cold Resistance 10 while in Aspect Form.

Immunity to Blind (Su)
Bodak-Aspected Deathless can, by way of this power become immune to all forms of blindness. While in their Aspect Form, Bodak have smoke instead of eyes but they still function as such; the Bodak-Aspect Deathless still sees through them as if they were eyes. With this power however, the Deathless cannot be blinded by and mundane or magical means – they literally have no eyes; their sight is replaced with an acute sense of situational awareness that allows them to “see” (They gain Blindsight). This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

The Dead Have Nothing To Fear (Su)
Since the time of their death and rebirth, Deathless look upon life differently and are more difficult to intimidate let alone scare. The Deathless who takes this power gets a +5 bonus to Will saves vs Intimidation or any fear effects. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Loathsome (Su)
The Bodak-Aspect Deathless is an unnerving looking creature in its Aspect Form, but this one even more so. Their movements become erratic and jarring to look at, granting the Deathless a +5 bonus to any Intimidation rolls they might take. In addition, Intimidate becomes a class skill regardless of form. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

(Tier 3 and Tier 6 Abilities coming soon)

Aspect of the Bodak

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