Aspect of the Frost Wight


The pale flesh of this walking corpse is rotting and putrid, its body skeletal in places, ice and frost cling to its hair, and its eye sockets glow with blue-white light.

Aspect Form:

When a Deathless takes on their Frost-Wight Aspect Form, their skin becomes a pale ice-like blue, their hair turns white and the clothing and armour take on a constant layer of ice. Distinguishable to other Frost-Wights due to the fact their eyes glow an unearthly green rather than the bluish-white of other Frost-Wights. While in this form the Deathless has Damage Resistance (see below) as well as access to special abilities (again, see below). When in this form the Frost-Aspected Deathless gains a slam attack as well as natural weapon proficiency and the equivalent of Weapon Focus: Slam. Slam attack does 1d8+ strength modifier. Anyone who comes into physical contact with the Wight (including natural attacks) take cold damage (see below), and the Frost-Wight Aspect Deathless is not bothered by most cold, gaining Cold Resistance 10. Lastly their Aspect Form causes Fear (as per the spell) to those who look upon it (this is an innate, constant passive effect).

Aspect Damage Resistance: DR 10 / Fire

Aspect Ability:
Whenever you are in your Aspect Form you can use this ability

Unnatural Cold (Su)
A creature touching a Frost Wight Deathless with natural weapons or unarmed strikes takes 1d6 cold damage. Also, natural and touch attacks done by the Deathless do +1d6 cold damage as well. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate.

Great Curse: Frost Wights are unable to be brought back to life using Raise Dead or Reincarnate. Only True Resurrection or Wish will bring them back, and it brings them back as a Deathless, not the mortal they were. In addition, a Frost-Wight Deathless becomes exhausted twice as quickly as normal in hot conditions.

2nd Tier Physical Alteration: The skin of the Deathless becomes pale, taking on a white-blue sheen. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff and Diplomacy checks if within 5 feet. This alteration can be covered up by simple means such as the Disguise skill.

4th Tier Physical Alteration: The Deathless has skin as cold as a corpse, and an air of coldness surrounds them. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Disguise skills, and this increases to -2 when in contact with people who know them. Though they might be able to pass it off as being “unwell”, it cannot be disguised by normal methods, only magical.

8th Tier Physical Alteration: The Frost-Wight Deathless’ skin turns light blue and their hair turns the colour of snow. Where they walk, the ground freezes. A permanent air of cold surrounds them, and frost lingers on anything they touch. The character suffers a -2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, and Handle Animal skills.

Aspect Powers: At 1st tier and every tier thereafter, select one new aspect power from the Frost Wight-Aspect Powers list. Once you select a power, it can’t be changed. Unless otherwise noted, each power can be selected only once. Some abilities have requirements, such as a class ability or minimum Deathless tier, that you must meet before you select them.

1st Tier Frost Wight-Aspect Powers:
You can select these aspect abilities at any tier.

Supernatural Strength (Su)
When the Deathless shifts into their Aspect form their Strength Score increases by +4. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate. This Power can be selected up to 2 times.

Unyielding (Su)
Once per day and at the cost of 2 Deathless points, a Frost-Wight Deathless once reduced to 0 HP or less (but not dead) can ‘shake off’ his injuries and come back into the fight with renewed vigour. Upon activation of this power (which can even be used unconscious as a reflexive action), the Deathless regains exactly 50% of his total HP and removes any conditions.

Supernatural Constitution (Su)
When the Deathless shifts into their Aspect form their Constitution Score increases by +4. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate. This Power can be selected up to 2 times.

Fast Healing (Ex)
As a swift action, you can expend one use of deathless power to gain fast healing 5 for 1 minute. Once this Deathless reaches 3rd Deathless Tier and gains Regeneration, whenever they use this ability, for 1 minute they get fast healing 10 instead.

Frosted Armour (Su)
The layer of frost covering this Deathless is much more durable than normal, increasing their DR to 15 / Fire.

Ever Ready (Ex)
Whenever you make an attack of opportunity, you gain a bonus on the attack roll and damage roll equal to your Deathless Tier. You can make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed, even if you don’t have the Combat Reflexes feat. At 3rd, 6th, and 9th tier, the number of attacks of opportunity you can make each round increases by one.

Freezing Aura (Su)
For 1 Deathless point the Frost-Wight Deathless can fill the area around them with a freezing cold, as per Frosty Aura. They do this as a swift action and for the purposes of the ability, the Frost-Wight Deathless is considered to have the Cold Subtype while it is in effect. The Deathless is no effected by the cold they produce.

Create Spawn(Su)
Any humanoid creature that is slain by a Frost-Wight Deathless becomes a wight itself in only 1d4 rounds (The Deathless needs to have dealt the killing blow or orchestrated the majority of damage done). Spawn so created are less powerful than typical wights, and suffer a –2 penalty on all d20 rolls and checks, as well as –2 hp per HD. Spawn are under the command of the Deathless that created them and remain enslaved until its for 24 hours (even if the Deathless is in Mortal Form), at which point they lose their spawn penalties and become full-fledged and free-willed wights. They do not possess any of the abilities they had in life. To use this power, the Deathless must spend a Deathless point at some point during the combat to initiate the spawning; a creature killed without the point spent does not return. Opting to use Create Spawn is a free action and the point is spent regardless of whether the target ends up being killed or not.

Immune to Cold (Su)
All Frost Wight-Aspected Deathless are rarely bothered by the cold, but those that select this power are immune to Cold in all its varieties – mundane and magical – while in their Aspect Form. Additionally, they gain Cold Resistance 10 even while in Mortal Form. This is a passive power and costs no Deathless points to activate.

Resolve (Su)
The Deathless gets a +2 to bonus to Will saves against any abilities originating from Goodly-Aligned casters or spells that have the Good descriptor. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

The Dead Have Nothing To Fear (Su)
Since the time of their death and rebirth, Deathless look upon life differently and are more difficult to intimidate let alone scare. The Deathless who takes this power gets a +5 bonus to Will saves vs Intimidation or any fear effects. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Loathsome (Su)
The Frost Wight-Aspect Deathless is an unnerving looking creature in its Aspect Form, but this one even more so. Their movements become erratic and jarring to look at, granting the Deathless a +5 bonus to any Intimidation rolls they might take. In addition, Intimidate becomes a class skill regardless of form. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

(Tier 3 and Tier 6 Abilities coming soon)

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Aspect of the Frost Wight

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