Aspect of the Shadow


This shadowy figure sways and moves with an erratic grace, as if lit by an unseen fire.

Aspect Form:

When a Deathless takes on their Shadow Aspect Form, they become a shadow, a semi-transparent dark-grey featureless version of themselves. Distinguishable from other Shadows due to the fact their eyes glow an unearthly green, or rather two green glowing dots that resemble eyes do so. While in this form the Deathless has Damage Resistance (see below) as well as access to special abilities (again, see below). When in this form the Shadow-Aspected Deathless gains a bonus of +4 to stealth. Their form means that most weapons do not harm them while Incorporeal (see below) and their Aspect Form causes Fear (as per the spell) to those who look upon it (this is an innate, constant passive effect).

Aspect Damage Resistance: DR 10 / Magic

Aspect Ability:
Whenever you are in your Aspect Form you can use this ability

Incorporeal (Su)
The Shadow-Aspect Deathless can become Incorporeal while in their Aspect form. This lasts for the entire duration of their Aspect Form transformation, though they can switch it on or off as a free action. Returning Incorporeal after becoming Corporeal costs a single Deathless point, however shifting Incorporeal after donning their Aspect Form for the first time costs no Deathless points. For this reason most Shadow Deathless become Incorporeal as part of their transformation.

Great Curse: Like the undead creatures they are connected to, Shadow-Aspected Deathless loath the sun. Regardless of whether they are Mortal or Aspect form, these Deathless take 1d4 Damage per round when their skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Similarly, any spells that create sunlight or bright light count as being maximised against the Shadow-Aspect Deathless.

2nd Tier Physical Alteration: The shadow that the Deathless projects seems fractionally slower than it should be, as if it were working independently form the light that spawns it. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff and Diplomacy checks if seen in clear lighting. This alteration can be covered up by simple means such as the Disguise skill.

4th Tier Physical Alteration: The character finds that no matter how hard he tries he cannot speak in higher than a whisper – even shouting at the top of their lungs is about as loud as someone else’s normal speech. The character suffers a -1 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Disguise skills, and this increases to -2 when in contact with people who know them. Though they might be able to pass it off as being “unwell”, it cannot be disguised by normal methods, only magical.

8th Tier Physical Alteration: The Deathless’ shadow completely vanishes, making them seem unnatural and odd. The character suffers a -2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, and Handle Animal skills.

Aspect Powers: At 1st tier and every tier thereafter, select one new aspect power from the Shadow-Aspect Powers list. Once you select a power, it can’t be changed. Unless otherwise noted, each power can be selected only once. Some abilities have requirements, such as a class ability or minimum Deathless tier, that you must meet before you select them.

1st Tier Shadow-Aspect Powers:
You can select these aspect abilities at any tier.

Channel Destruction (Su)
Any weapon a Shadow-Aspect Deathless wields seethes with energy, and deals an additional 1d6 points of force damage for every 4 Hit Dice the Deathless has. This is a passive effect and costs no Deathless points to use. For the cost of a Deathless point, the Shadow Deathless can also cause its weapon to add a staggered condition to the damage if the target fails a Fort save (DC 15+Deathless Cha modifier).

Supernatural Dexterity (Su)
When the Deathless shifts into their Aspect form their Dexterity Score increases by +4. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate. This Power can be selected up to 2 times.

Shadow-Blend (Su)
While in shadow, the Shadow Deathless is considered to be Invisible when in their Aspect Form. Though this is a passive effect that costs no Deathless points to activate, the Shadow Deathless can spend a Deathless Point to augment it into Greater Invisibility (does not break if the invisible person attacks) for the duration of the Aspect Transformation.

Flight (Ex)
Normally while in Aspect Form the Shadow Deathless drifts less than a foot above the ground, levitating ever so slightly. However, with use of this power the Shadow instead gains the ability to Fly at 40ft Spd (Good). In addition Fly is always a class skill for them and they gain a +5 racial modifier to the Fly skill. If the character already has any ranks in the Fly skill when they select this power, they gain a +2 Racial modifier to the Fly skill. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless points to activate.

Walk The Shadows (Su)
A Shadow-Aspect Deathless can use Shadow Step a number of times per day equal to their Deathless Tier x2. Once arriving at their destination the Shadow Deathless gains a +2 Deflection AC bonus for one round. This power costs no Deathless points to activate.

Bringer of Darkness (Su)
The Shadow Deathless can, as a swift action and at the cost of no Deathless points, create a swirling darkness around themselves that acts as the spell Deeper Darkness. The duration of this ability is identical to the spell: 10mins per level. The Shadow Deathless can call upon this ability a number of times equal to their Deathless Tier x2.

Ever Ready (Ex)
Whenever you make an attack of opportunity, you gain a bonus on the attack roll and damage roll equal to your Deathless Tier. You can make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed, even if you don’t have the Combat Reflexes feat. At 3rd, 6th, and 9th tier, the number of attacks of opportunity you can make each round increases by one.

Shadow Assassin (Su)
When in dim light (there must be shadows), the Shadow Deathless gains a +6 circumstance modifier to Stealth Checks (for a total of +10). In addition, their first attack in a combat (and only their first) gains the Sneak Attack descriptor as if she was a rogue of the same level. The victim is counted as being flanked (though things such as evasion, improved evasion etc can still be used against this ability) for the purposes of the attack, and this sneak attack follows the rules for Sneak Attack as detailed on p20 of Pathfinder Unchained. If the Deathless is already a rogue, this attack does 2 extra die of damage (eg if their Sneak Attack does 3d6, this first attack would do 5d6). The bonus to Stealth is a passive ability that costs no Deathless points to activate, but the sneak attack costs a single Deathless point to use.

Shadow Spawn (Su)
The Shadow Deathless can, as a swift action and at the cost of no Deathless points, create shadowy duplicates of themselves which acts as the spell Mirror Image The duration of this ability is identical to the spell: 1min per level. The Shadow Deathless can call upon this ability a number of times equal to their Deathless Tier x2. Caster level is equal to the Deathless character’s total class level.

Shadow Spy (Su)
The Shadow Deathless can blend with the shadow of another person, following them around without their knowledge but unable to act or cast spells without first leaving the shadow. Anywhere that the individual’s shadow would be able to go, the Shadow Aspect can also travel. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Deathless Tier x2, after which the shadows separate. From that point onwards, the Shadow Aspect gains a +10 to Bluff and Disguise checks to look and act like the person they were following, and gains the Investigator abilities Studied Combat and Studied Strike against that individual. This power costs 1 Deathless point to use.

The Dead Have Nothing To Fear (Su)
Since the time of their death and rebirth, Deathless look upon life differently and are more difficult to intimidate let alone scare. The Deathless who takes this power gets a +5 bonus to Will saves vs Intimidation or any fear effects. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

Loathsome (Su)
The Shadow-Aspect Deathless is an unnerving looking creature in its Aspect Form, but this one even more so. Their movements become erratic and jarring to look at, granting the Deathless a +5 bonus to any Intimidation rolls they might take. In addition, Intimidate becomes a class skill regardless of form. This is a passive ability and costs no Deathless Points to activate.

(Tier 3 and Tier 6 Abilities coming soon)

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Aspect of the Shadow

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