Deathless Aspect


At the point of becoming a Deathless, the character takes on a Deathless Aspect: a connection with a specific type of higher undead. This choice not only affects which Deathless Abilities they can choose from, but also their Aspect Form (See Power of the Grave). The Deathless Aspect is an association with the undead the Deathless chooses (or has chosen for him), and once chosen it cannot be changed.
Available Deathless Aspects are:

Aspect of the Bodak
Aspect of the Deathweb
Aspect of the Graveknight
Aspect of the Lich
Aspect of the Mummy
Aspect of the Nightshade
Aspect of the Shadow
Aspect of the Vampire
Aspect of the Frost Wight
Aspect of the Wraith

A note on Aspect Powers: Unless specifically stated otherwise, all Aspect Powers work ONLY when in Aspect Form.

Deathless Aspect

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