“Dying ain’t so bad…”

Ustalav was never an easy place to grow up, let alone try and make a life for oneself. Many dread things stalk the night, from the Undead to things far worse. Yet on the far-western edge of the realm beyond the Hungry Mountains, your home village of Dharnic was scarcely considered part of Ustalav at all. Everyone in your community had heard of the monsters that walked abroad, but it was a rare thing indeed for anything to get close enough to trouble the edges of your home. Moreoften it was the stories of travellers passing through that contained tales of zombies, skeletons and the like. Besides with Ahrmin Zakolov, a retired wizard of considerable power and ex-adventurer living within Dharnic, most felt safer than many could hope for.

In the year 4710 all that changed.

Zakolov had for some months become insular and reclusive, to the point of completely shutting himself away for days and refusing to speak to anyone from the village.
Then one night, he was simply gone. A casual knock at his door found his home unlocked and empty. That same night an eerie fog rolled down from the Hungry Mountains and brought with it a host of Spectral Riders, heading straight toward Dharnic.
Most of the people of the village were not warriors and stood no hope against the riders; cut down where they ran by the glowing scythes the riders carried in the emaciated hands. Some, like yourselves, had the courage to stand against the onslaught. Though the Spectral Riders attacked for reasons unknown, the battle was not as one-sided as first assumed.
Nonetheless when the fight was done, less than an hour had passed.
Waking mysteriously in the middle of the village shortly after midnight, you find yourself surrounded by four others who are similarly returning to consciousness. All about the village the bodies of dead folk drench the dirt red and crows peck at the remains.
As you look to one another and your memories of the fight begin to return, the confusion turns to panic on the faces of all:

You remember very clearly – you did not survive the advance of the Spectral Riders….

In Curse of the Deathless players taken on the role of fallen adventurers who were slain in the village of Dharnic and have returned to an usual half-living, half-dead state of being.
The story centers around their coming to terms with their unusual fate, discovering how it came to be and confronting the night.

The game uses two unique house rules; a Deathless Template which is added to the base player and a Deathless Aspect – an enhanced state of being not unlike Mythic Characters.

You can find more information on these rules here:

Deathless Template

Deathless Aspect

Curse of the Deathless

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