Gregor "the Butcher" Romavitch


Gregor “the Butcher” Romavitch moved to the village about 10 years ago with his new bride, the pair never spoke about where they hailed from and all they wanted was to settle down together in peace. Gregor became the town’s butcher and friends with the local Hunters. He had two children with his wife and the small family helped build the town up towards a brighter future, despite the occasional assault by undead or other monsters.

His past shrouded in a mystery only his wife knew the truth of; he had been apprenticed to his father a mage who had practiced dark magic which left Gregor no longer entirely human. For years he lived as a child in fear of his tyrannical father, a man who was periodically attacked (often out of the blue) by “heroes” seeking wealth and power.

Gregor was forced by his father to study various tomes of magic and to take his place as the apprentice of the “Great Romavitch” but it never felt right to Gregor who found, though he had talent, his interest was never in raising and controlling the demonic and the dead.

For Gregors 18th birthday his father celebrated with a grand feast, he invited a powerful vampire and as tribute provided a dozen prisoners to feast on. Horrified, Gregor attempted to free the slaves but was caught and several of the slaves were killed, his father in a fit of rage struck his son with a purple bolt of ice cold energy, and he felt a part of his soul ripped away into darkness.

Gregor awoke to the tender care of a young woman he had seen amongst the prisoners, Miss Rosalee a nurse had been brought up to tend his wounds and over the next few days a firm friendship was born. Finally the terrible day arrived, but before the party could get very far, a band of adventurers stormed the house and in the confusion Gregor rescued Rosalee and along with a number of prisoners fled the house and his father’s grasp.

Gregor never looked back, the pair fell in love and eventually settled in the village of Dharnic a long way from Gregors childhood home.

Gregor "the Butcher" Romavitch

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