The Village of Dharnic



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Dharnic is a small, closely-knit community located in the far eastern edge of Virlych in Ustalav, located not far from the Amaans border. Settled many years ago by prosperous miners, the village has continued tradition with a small but profitable mining operation that takes ore from the Hungry Mountains; the base of which the village is built alongside. Run by the Hames family (original descendants of the the miners), the village trades mostly in ore and blacksmithing goods with travellers or other communities near the Ustalav/Amaans border. Travellers through the village are not frequent, but common enough to necessitate the need for the likes of a tarvern and general store, and mostly cater for travellers through the Midlands of the country.

Corruption -3; Crime -7; Economy -1; Law +3; Lore +0; Society +0

Qualities hardened, superstitious

Danger +0


Government Autocracy

Population 85 (85% Humans, 15% non-Humans (Primarily Halflings, Dwarves, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs))

Noteable NPCs

  • Agnir: Male Dwarf Expert (professional) (Agnir runs the mining operation out of Dharnic, and is a jovial fellow who can often have a bit of a temper)
  • Ahrmin Zakolov: Male Human, retired adventurer (wizard) (A Wizard of some renown who came to settle in the village fifteen years ago, Ahrmin used his magical abilities to protect the village from various threats over the years and was highly respected in the village. )
  • Amandis Faight, Female Human, Fighter (Leader of the village guard)
  • Changel Hersch, Male Human Commoner (Innkeeper) (A large and somewhat overly-friendly man, runs the tavern Hersch’s Lodge with his wife, Kindel.)
  • Elder Hames: Male Human Adept (alchemist) (Appointed leader of the village, Elder Hames took ever from his father twenty years ago.)
  • Gristla Reddy: Female Human Expert (blacksmith) (A stoic woman who believes in fair prices and a hard days work. Owns The Blackened Hammer.)
  • Lane Arva: Female Half-Elf Commoner (shop owner) (Lane runs the only general store in the village, distinguishable by her bright blue hair and the fact she sings an lot. Owns Lane’s Implement.)
  • Rosalee Romavitch: Female Human, Expert (nurse) (Wife of the Arcanist Gregor Romavitch, Rosalee is a compassionate soul with a calming demeanour. )
    Varn Nueman, Human Male Expert (Jeweller) (Owner of Neuman’s Obsidian, Varn sells distnictive jewelry and Strong opinions on morals. He runs the store with his wife, Nissa)


Base Value 500 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 1st

Minor Items 2d4;* Medium Items* 1d4; Major Items None


Blackened Hammer (Blacksmith)
a Blacksmith owned by Gristla Reddy

Dharnic Butchery
Run by Grgor and Rosalee Romavitch, this serves as the only butchers in the village and prepares all manner of animals from the surrounding countryside, as well as providing leather hides for hunters and for Gristla, the local blacksmith.

Dharnic Mines
A mining operation that delves into The Hungry Mountains, the ore collected from here is the main source of industry in the village

Dharnic Mining Operations Offfice
Where the mining operation is coordinated, run by Agnir, the Dwarven foreman.

Hames Manor
The homestead of Elder Hames

Hersch’s Lodge (Tavern)
a Tavern owned by Changel Hersch

Lane’s Implement (General Store)
a General Store owned by Lane Arva

Neuman’s Obsidian (Jewelery store)
a Jewelery Store owned by Varn Neuman

Romavitch Homestead
The home of Gregor and Rosalee Romavitch

The Entropic Hall
A temple dedicated to Urgathoa that stands removed from the village, part-way up the mountain. Run by Rastomir, A Warpriest of Urgathoa and his congregation it offers protection to the village from the roaming dead in exchange for tribute. This also serves as Rastomir’s home.

The Waylodge
Originally built back when refugees from Belkzen came to the village many years ago, the “Waylodge” (actually a large hut able to hold about 10 individuals) is located outside of the village and is used to house anyone the villagers do not wish to closely associate with. It has had many occupants over the years; the most recent being a Half-Orc by the name of Ursk Rathar.

Zakolov’s Tower
The now abandoned wizards’ tower of Ahrmin Zakolov

The Village of Dharnic

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